The Book MagEgg

The Book MagEgg


by ChristineOtt


is an extensive visual work for young and old.


It stimulates to go outside and experience the nature around us with a new sight for its beauty and diversity.


As inspiration for meeting the forces behind the forms of appearance and let them change into their own language of the forms to be an inner reality


Therefor its also a work which is abstracted from a drafted explanation of an constructed story for opening space for the own fantasy.


The pictures are telling well enough.


The figure Tolmo is the central theme, which is wiggling through the presented world of pictures, to get an alliance between the substance and the layers, for what Christine in her years long examination developed during the genesis of this work.

the direct form for to communicate with the children, is to get open for the own being child and for encoutering the inner and outer reality of gaming together.



72 fourcoloured pages in DIN A4 Format with Hardcover.


Its an experienced and to be experienced cosmos around the human being which is manifested here.

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